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Seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirits: A guide to Seedlip Garden 108

Seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirits: A guide to Seedlip Garden 108

‘The one with the Peas’ is a phrase we often hear at Seedlip. Our second distilled non-alcoholic spirit was launched in 2016 and since then its hero ingredient, the humble Pea, has stolen the hearts and taste buds of many of you but it’s still a bit of a marmite flavour to some.

Our founder Ben Branson created Seedlip Garden 108 to recreate memories of sitting in the fields on his family farm in Lincolnshire, eating freshly picked Peas with his grandfather.

The taste of Seedlip Garden 108 isn’t like a gin as there isn’t any Juniper in the blend of ingredients. Instead it’s an entirely new, sophisticated flavour that celebrates the essence of the English countryside.

Floral top notes of Peas & Hay are followed by a complex herbal base character from traditional garden herbs: Spearmint, Rosemary & Thyme. Seedlip Garden 108 is best mixed with a premium tonic - Indian, Cucumber or Elderflower tonic works really well. Serve 50ml for the best results.

The fresh, green character of this Seedlip Spirit is a delicious way to moderate your alcohol intake during the week and it’s our go-to when we need a refreshing drink on a warm, sunny day. Garden 108 is also perfect as a non-alcoholic alternative to base spirits in elegant cocktails such as the Martini.

Seedlip Garden 108 comes in two sizes, 70cl & 20cl and did you know you can buy a perfectly mixed Seedlip Garden 108 & Cucumber Tonic in a can?

How is Seedlip Garden 108 made?

Seedlip Spirits are big on flavour, because we only use quality ingredients to make them. To extract the flavour, we macerate the ingredients by steeping them in water and a small amount of Neutral Grain Spirit [NGS]. This is later removed as part of the distillation process. We then distil the liquid twice, using a number of different techniques, and reduce any alcohol content left over from the maceration stage of the process. Lastly, we blend the ingredients together using a bespoke method, before the liquid is filtered, diluted and finally bottled.

Tasting Notes

The exact blend of the six ingredients that make up Garden 108 is a well-kept secret. Only three people know the full formula and process. But what are those six ingredients in Seedlip Garden 108?


Think cut grass and savoury flavours, Peas are the hero ingredient and they bring all the fresh and green notes to Seedlip Garden 108.


The astringent flavour in Hops introduces mouth feel, similar to the experience of drinking red wine or tea. Most commonly used in beer, Hops add peppery and citrus-like elements to the blend.


Unusual, sure, but Hay’s green and dry flavours are delicious – try baking vegetables in Hay – and compliment the fresh, brighter notes from the Peas and herbs.



Herbal and crisp, Spearmint brings bright menthol freshness to the top notes of Garden 108. If you ever think about growing Spearmint in the garden, grow it in a pot as it has a habit of taking over when left to roam freely.


A woody perennial herb with fragrant leaves native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary brings an herbaceous character to Seedlip Garden 108.


Fragrant and floral, Thyme is piney and peppery on the palate with Mint and bitter Lemon notes.


Complimentary ingredients and food pairing

Apple, Rhubarb, Basil, Cucumber, Elderflower, Lime.
These are the ingredients you should reach for first if you’re thinking of making a seasonal shrub or syrup to accompany Seedlip Garden 108 in a cocktail recipe.

If you’re looking to host a pairing dinner, Seedlip Garden 108 cocktails work well when paired with starters, white fish, salads, palate cleansers and sorbets. The refreshing and surprising flavour combination will introduce fun and elegance to your evening.

A top tip: Use ingredients which reflect, but do not overpower, a dish


These are some of our favourite ways to enjoy Seedlip Garden 108

Seedlip Garden 108 & Tonic

Seedlip Garden 108: 50ml
Indian Tonic: 125ml

Garnish w/ a Sugar Snap Pea

Build over ice

Garden Tonic

Rosemary Booch

Seedlip Garden 108: 50ml
Kombucha: Top

Garnish w/ Rosemary Sprig


Rosemary Booch II

Seedlip Garden 108 & Elderflower

Seedlip Garden 108: 50ml
Elderflower Tonic: 125ml

Garnish w/ Cucumber Ribbon

Build over ice

Elderflower / Cucumber