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How to embrace the Aperitivo moment at home: Why the aperitif is our new weeknight ritual


3-minute read

It may be an unfamiliar word to some, but many of us are familiar with the idea of whetting the appetite, meeting for a pre-theatre drink or grabbing a ‘quick one’ before dinner. Aperitifs are drinks that stimulate the appetite, and Aperitivo hour is the fine art of coming together with friends and family to enjoy a drink and a small plate or two before sitting down for food.

In Europe and beyond, this time is referred to as the Golden Hour. Although meeting with friends is restricted right now, we can still celebrate good food, great drinks and connection with new friends and old – even if it has to be online over Zoom.

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From Prosecco to Negroni, there are many different types of aperitifs and many of them are herbal, botanically rich and crucially bitter. It’s these bitter flavours that send signals to the digestive system, awakening the appetite and preparing the body for a meal. Meaning ‘to open’, aperitifs come in many guises and traditionally contained alcohol. Until now.

With the array of incredible ingredients available to us today, we believe that a great tasting aperitif doesn’t need to contain any alcohol. Like traditional aperitifs, our sister company Æcorn uses many bitter ingredients and botanicals to create delicious complexity, all alcohol free.


Æcorn is designed for Spritzing, mixing and to accompany small plates.

The process begins with hand-picked English sparkling wine grapes, grown on a beautiful vineyard in Sussex. These grapes are picked when they change colour and pressed within 12 hours. This grape base is wonderfully bright, tart and refreshing, with many of the same textural qualities as wine. Itis carefully blended with the eponymous acorn as well as other bitter botanicals to create a unique range of non-alcoholic aperitifs.

If you want to know more, visit their website here & follow Æcorn on Instagram @aecorn_drinks.

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